Our Auction Services

The industry of property retail is evolving and the old traditional way of selling a property is becoming obsolete.

Disa Smuts is a property specialist of both commercial and residential properties mainly in the broader Gauteng basin. As an independent but fully accredited auctioneer and duly endorsed by Auction Inc.; you the customer are assured of the utmost professionalism and guaranteed deliverables. Auction Inc. holds membership with all the industry associations and is considered as one of the largest and leading Auction Houses in South Africa with a national footprint.

This unique relationship between Artacious and Auction Inc. is no small feat, as it required the utmost trust, transparency and integrity, maintaining high standards of professionalism, and commitment to building the Auction Inc. brand and good social stature. Furthermore, assurance and ease of mind for you, our buyer or seller.

Sellers do not have to be distressed (financially, divorce, death of a spouse, insolvency, etc.) or desperate sell their property on auction. Our sellers mainly use our platform because of the:

So why use Auction Inc. to sell my property?

 Property can be sold in 21 days. All resources available are committed to ensure demand and to connect with potential buyers, with a build-up to auction day.
Only 1 viewing day, which is on the day of the action. No continuous stream of strangers walking through your house at inconvenient times and at short notice.

Auctioneer Fee
The auctioneer fee is paid by the buyer. No empty promises and awkward negotiations with estate agents.

Marketing & Awareness
 Auction Inc. use in excess of 10 marketing platforms (street posters, internet, professional photography and video walk-throughs, print media, email, newsletters, vast database etc.) to promote the property before auction day.
The marketing spend is transparent to our seller and customized to your requirements.

All our offers to purchase are unconditional and will never be linked to other properties being first.
All offers require a 15% deposit and becomes non-refundable on acceptance of the offer. So you can be assured our buyers are serious!
The seller determines the reserve price in consultation with the auctioneer and the value of the property is there for secured and "ring-fenced".